Crochet Flower Basket

Vintage Flower Basket

This basket works up fairly quickly and I enjoyed putting it together. I used the same cotton yarn and hook I used for the potholders – Lion Brand Yarns, 24/7 cotton, aqua, 5mm hook.

The base of the original basket looks like an easter basket to me, so I altered the pattern and decreased stitches inward as if closing off the crown of a hat. The first two rows inward included decreases every four stitches, then every three, and so on, until every stitch was a decrease.

The basket was easy to crochet, but stiffening it was not. I started by placing the basket in a large plastic bag and I sprayed it with Aleene’s Stiffen Quick. I made a form to shape the basket with another large plastic bag filled with shipping peanuts. I did not add the ribbon until after this first spraying was dry. I thought I should work with gravity for the next spraying and placed a styrofoam head in the bag with the peanuts. I placed a flat circular object on top of the styrofoam head and put the basket on top, upside down. One side of the setup was shaped the way I wanted, so I sprayed half of the basket and let it dry before turning it and spraying the other half. After three days of doing this, it was only a third way to where I wanted it to be. What to do?

I decided to use wire. I love making beaded earings and I had wire stashed for making them. I used 26 guage wire to weave vertically through the petals. After doing this for awhile, I thought, “There has to be an easier way.” I then thought of one. I could sew the wire through with a needle. I did this and it worked wonderfully well. since the basket was still not holding its shape after I sewed the vertical petals, I sewed the wire in horizonatally on the third round bottom and twelfth round. Voila! the right amount of stiffness, finally.

I originally planned to put the basket in my bathroom, but when I did, I realized the shower curtain and towels were shades of teal, not blue like aqua. Therefore, I will use the basket as display when I have a booth at a festival or Home and Garden show.

Let me know in the comments if you plan to make this basket or if you have made one.

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