Towel & Potholder Brackets

I developed tennis elbow from working on rugs too much, so I will be taking a long break from crocheting anything to give my arm time to heal. This gives me time to concentrate on one of my other passions – 3D printing. I still need to use my hand a lot to model objects, but shortly after I started making rugs for my Etsy shop, I trained my left hand to maneuver a mouse. I was doing arm and hand exercises daily to stretch muscles in my right arm. However, it was painful to use a mouse for modeling. I did not want to stop modeling or crocheting and my left hand wasn’t doing much, so I decided to put it to work.

A couple of months ago, I designed and 3d printed some brackets to hang the potholders I made. I wanted to keep the potholders off the counter and keep them in easy reach of the oven. Plus, I wanted to remove the towels hanging on the handle of my oven door and do it all without putting holes in the wall. The photograph to the left shows my first bracket set on the wall. I designed the back to fit Command Strips. I have three bracket sets on walls now. One set is in the bathroom. I wanted to determine how well the Command strips performed in a steamy environment. The result was, wonderfully well. The design is a little different than the first bracket set. The rod holder was pushed to the inside and the 3D printed rod is longer than the first.

My plan is to open an Etsy shop in July or later of this year, where I will offer the brackets for sale in various filament colors. The 3D renders below show how the brackets look in different colors and design schemes. If you have a 3D printer, you can print the brackets now yourself. Click here for a link to the stereolithography file on Thingiverse.

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