Future Prints

Round table 4r
Making a render of models I design is how I decide whether to move forward with revisions and printing. I was not sure about continuing with the round table and the sconce shade until I made the render above.


DSCN2691I printed a sconce last year (see photo to right). I wanted to put a light in my travel area (Black Hat Feng Shui) to light a trouble free path for January travel. After I returned from my trip, I decided I wanted to put the model in my portfolio and possibly sell the file on MyMiniFactory. When my daughter saw a video I posted on Instragram, she strongly suggested that I change the cord. I thought since the cord should be changed, maybe I should change the shade too.

After months of failed design and printing attempts, I settled on the last design after seeing it in the render. The Cura (model slicing software) preview looked good. The problem is I changed my mind about the filament color. I planned to use the dusty rose color I already have for printing, but I fell in love with the white color I don’t have upon seeing the render. Oh well!


table round 4The table has been a mental thought for a while. I did not find a way to design it until recently. I don’t know if I would have designed it if I had not begun using Fusion 360. It was not designed in Fusion 360, though. I could not generate a .stl file in Fusion, forcing me to use 123 Design, which is practically the same software. At first I thought I could not upload the Fusion file in MyMiniFactory or Cura, but I learned that it was an acceptable file. My work flow; however, involves working back and forth with Blender software. Blender does not accept Fusion files.

I have not printed the table yet, as I am working steadily on finishing my cabinet project. With this table, my goals are to make a strong table; decrease printing time and parts (in comparison to the square table); eliminate hardware; and make it pretty. If things go well, the cabinet will be finished next week and I can start printing this table the following week.


Ab Electric Removable Wallpaper

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