Tiny House Walk-Through

I was very curious about the interior of Tumbleweed house plan #915-16. It seemed to have just enough space for comfortable living. I created this walk-through video, hoping it would give me some sense of the amount of available space and it did. It was difficult to figure out how to make the roof, but I think I made it very similar to how the roof would look in reality.Whidbey by Tumbleweed Houses

This is such a cute, small home. I think I could make the space work for me if I expanded the bathroom and added a washer and dryer. I love all the windows and the lofted roof.

I did not add a lot of decorative items in order to reduce render times. I modeled the home using Blender software and rendered at low sample – 50. Even at low sample, each frame rendered at 5 to 6 minutes, requiring 191 hours.

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