Dining Table

3D Printed Table Braces, Edging, and Feet

DSCN2735 r
Second attempt

Yesterday, I finished making a dining table. It was my third attempt at making a table and I think it turned out well. The dowel cap feet are listed in my MyMiniFactory store, but not the other 3D printables. There is still a bit of wobble in the legs, which will require some minor adjustments to the 3D model and testing. Since I do not need another table, those adjustments are a long way off. I need cabinets, bookcases, a sofa, nice chairs…the list goes on; many things before another table.

The Big Sur sofa
The Big Sur Sofa, designed by Peter Shire in 1986

Am I going to 3D print that stuff? Why yes! I plan to involve 3D printing in the making of all of them. This past week I found a design style that fits mine. I have added its name as a hashtag to the recent prints I’ve made and will continue to do so with coming prints. The style is Neo Memphis Milan. The photograph to the right shows a sofa from an 80s Memphis Milan style design and I am using it as inspiration for the sofa I plan to make. I will likely blog most or all of the process.

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