Decorative Storage Boxes

Wooden boxes are a good styling object for etageres and book shelves, They can be decorated to suit any style and they provide storage for small or bendable items. I bought four boxes in 2019 to store small cameras and cords for small electronics. Initially, I painted the boxes and made knobs for the tops. I have wanted to re-decorate them for a while now. I found a new avenue after discovering removable surface covering. If I tire of a design, I can replace it without much effort. After searching for months online and in stores, I found paper I liked. I stumbled upon knobs for the lids at TJ Maxx. There were 8 ceramic and wooden knobs priced at $7.99, marked down to $6.00. The markdown was most likely due to discoloration on one of the knobs. The wood portion was lighter than it was on the others; however, I found it desirable. The discolored knob was the first to go on the lids.

About The Paper

The paper is Lokta, decorative gift wrapping, purchased last month from HimalDesign (an Etsy shop). My original intention was to paste it to wood and hang it by the entry door. I changed my mind after it arrived as the background was not the color I wanted. However, I was impressed with the quality of the paper and decided to keep it for a different project. I chose to put it on the boxes because I thought it added an art deco element to the etagere where the boxes live.

Paper on wood test

When I pasted the paper onto the vinyl sheet, some of the Mod Podge was on top of the paper. I noticed that the paper appeared translucent in those areas. I was curious about its translucency and prepared a sample. Blue, red, and white acrylic paint was painted on a scrap piece of plywood. I placed vinyl on one side before pasting the paper with Mod Podge. Mod Podge was then spread on top of the paper. What I learned is that the paper is a little more translucent when applied directly to the wood. I plan to use this information in a upcoming art project.


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