DIY Collapsible Vinyl Bin

A few weeks ago, I completed printing and assembling an etagere. It needed to be styled for photos and one of the ideas I came up with was to use a storage bin or basket on the bottom shelf. I had bins that I purchased from Target for $5, but they are too tall to fit the space. I didn’t want to go over the amount of money I spent for the Target bins and Dollar Tree immediately came to mind. I wondered if I could combine a Dollar Tree bin with removable vinyl to make an attractive bin. There was only one way to know for sure, so I made my way to Dollar Tree.

Upon arriving at Dollar Tree, I was a little surprised to find that the cost of most items had been raised to $1.25. No worries. I set about searching for the items I needed while keeping an eye out for anything that may make a new interesting project. I bought three bins and one roll of removable vinyl along with other items.

As you can determine from the photograph at the beginning of this post, I was able to make a foldable vinyl bin. The steps for making the bin are below. However, I decided not to put the bin on the etagere shelf. It looked really nice in the closet, next to two bins I purchased from Amazon and it was a good fit for the space.

I decided to return the two remaining bins I bought to Dollar Tree. Upon entering the store, I told the cashier I had a return and asked if I needed to wait in line. She said, “Yes. Leave your items there (motioning to the bagging area of her register) and leave the receipt.” I walked around the store for a short while before standing in a long line. When I arrived at the register with one item, the cashier informed me that I could only exchange items. She could not credit the card I used for purchase. I imagine that exchanging items without keeping a record of what leaves the store is an inventory nightmare, but what do I know. It was something to keep in mind should I find myself in the future at a different Dollar Tree store.

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Initially, I intended to wrap the bin with the vinyl, but the smell of the bin was too much for my sensitive nose. I removed the fabric edging and removed the cardboard pieces, hoping the boards did not smell the same as the fabric. They did not, so I decided to only use the boards.

I removed boards from the bottom piece, making note of the gap between them (5/16 or 5mm).

I laid all of the boards on top of the vinyl, allowing a 5mm gap between them. Total length was 48″. I added one inch to the length and sides.

Laying the boards.

Applying the lining.

I used scrap fabric to make the connecting bottom piece. I pinned one edge together before sewing it on the sewing machine, fitting the fabric between the liner and outer vinyl. Corners of the fabric were snipped to the seam line. I finished attaching the bottom by hand sewing with a regular needle and nylon thread.

The remaining vinyl was used to piece the liner bottom together.

I used a 3 1/8″ clear plastic ring I already had as a handle. I secured it to the bin by hand sewing.


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