Small Bath Cabinet – Way Basics Cube Hack

Groove in wood – Link to blog post

Buying or making furniture decisions for my place these days centers around whether or not a particular piece will affect my indoor air quality. In 2019, I made a small cabinet with solid pine in a woodworking class at a local Park District workshop. One of the panels had a deep groove in it from an incident with a table saw. The board went flying in the air and luckily I was the only one who was struck by it. Despite the groove, I completed the cabinet and utilized it up until last week. I decided to dispose of the cabinet a couple weeks ago and needed a replacement. Since I am not registered in a woodworking class now, I did not want to make cubes myself. Instead, I looked for an alternative and found Way Basics cube. The concept behind Way Basics cubes fits my criteria for low to no outgassing furniture. I just needed to hack the design a little.

Following my usual method of operation, I made a render to determine how two cubes with doors would look in my bathroom. I had pieces of 1″ square aluminum tubing remaining from an earlier project and wanted to include them if possible. After viewing the render below. I decided to use the tubes. I made a decision too, about what color to use for printing handles as I do not care for the open triangle at the upper left of the door.

I cut a 9 1/2″ x 11 3/4″, 1/4″ thickness, formaldehyde-free shelf from Columbia Forest Products plywood; leftover from an earlier project. The handle is available via the link in the photograph description if you are interested in making one for yourself. Two M6, 1/2″ flathead screws are needed to attach the handle to the door.

Cube handle

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